Pricing Information

Baby and Family Lifestyle Photo Shoot

Our aim is to take a set of photos of your baby/family at home, which captures a 'moment in time' for you to treasure. In essence we are showing the connection between family members and using your home as the backdrop. 


  • Option A: £25 for photo shoot, £75 for 5 prints (8x6")
  • Option B: Free photo shoot, £120 for 5 prints (8x6")
  • Option C: Free photo shoot, £150 for 25+ images on a USB stick, copyright free

Additional prints for each option from £7.50.  

Photo Shoots include:

  • pre-shoot consultation via phone or email
  • portrait shoot either at your home or outdoor location, lasting 1 to 2 hours
  • full editing and post-production of your images
  • uploading of images to our 'Client Access' web page (password protected)


Sporting Events

If your event is local to us we will happily attend free of charge and take team photos and action shots of your sporting event. Orders can be placed on the day or you can preview and purchase later on our website.

PRINTS:                 Unframed          Framed          Digital

A1                        £26.00

A2                        £22.00

A3                        £16.00              £23.00           £16.00

A4                        £13.00              £18.00           £13.00

10x8"                   £10.50                                    £10.50

8x6"                     £9.00                                      £9.00

7x5"                     £7.50                                      £7.50

Online sharing digital low res file £4.00
The above prices include one free edit of the original photo e.g. cropping.  Additional edits are £5.00


Commercial, Parties and so on

Hourly rates from £50 per hour, please contact us for more details